January 21, 2015

LYYP Weekday Mini Sessions | The Experiment, The Announcement

Good morning, LYYP friends.  You may know that last fall, I conducted an experiment.

My hypothesis was that there HAD to be a way to deliver an LYYP experience that was smaller than a full lifestyle session without sacrificing the authenticity, personality, and FUN that have become LYYP trademarks.  And without spending an entire Saturday running around a park with multiple families for six hours straight.  (Holy moly, people, that’s exhausting).

Meet my lovely test subjects.

Weekday Mini Sessions_0001 Weekday Mini Sessions_0002 Weekday Mini Sessions_0003 Weekday Mini Sessions_0004 Weekday Mini Sessions_0005 Weekday Mini Sessions_0006 Weekday Mini Sessions_0008 Weekday Mini Sessions_0009 Weekday Mini Sessions_0010 Weekday Mini Sessions_0011 Weekday Mini Sessions_0012 Weekday Mini Sessions_0013

They’re awfully cute for guinea pigs, aren’t they?

I won’t bore you with the super-scientific details of the experiment, but I think the results speak for themselves, don’t you?

And so, I’m happy to announce that during my busiest months (that’d be April-June and September-November), I’ll now be offering a limited number of Weekday Mini Sessions in Southern Westchester.  I had originally called these “Weekday At Home Mini Sessions” and if your home is in Southern Westchester, I highly, highly recommend that the session take place in and around your home.  (More on WHY I feel so strongly about that HERE).  If your home is not in Southern Westchester, though, or if you have some other really good reason why we can’t do it at your home, we can also talk about some other location in Southern Westchester. Like, for example, this one:  (Hey! More gorgeous guinea pigs!):

Weekday Mini Sessions_0014

Or, even better, some other Southern Westchester location that has special meaning for you.

And so! My triumphant conclusion having been unveiled, here are the details:

Weekday Mini Deets 20-30

All-inclusive means that ALL of the awesome files in your mini gallery are yours.  They’re delivered in full resolution as soon as they’re ready, via digital download.   There’s no restriction on the size you can print them, or on the number you can print.  You can still purchase great products from the LYYP a la carte menu, too.  You might just want to keep these beauties for posterity and display in an awesome storybook album.  Or blow one up big as a gallery-wrapped canvas.  (Check out the LYYP Shop Window to get a sense of what’s available).

All that’s left to talk about is pricing and availability.  I expect these to be a hot item (based on extensive research, of course), so I’ll be announcing pricing and available dates in the upcoming January newsletter first.  If you’re not on the list, there’s a quick fix.  Scroll on up to the tippy-top right corner of this page and hit the “subscribe” button to put yourself on the list.  Any remaining dates will be shared on Facebook and here on the blog in early February.

This is going to be fun!