October 22, 2014

Movement | Westchester Baby Photographer

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this session.  I mentioned when I posted THIS photo that this little chunker has some serious moves.  And that if I ever decided to delve into video during my sessions, she’d be the inspiration for it.  The movement I’m talking about though, isn’t just dancing.  It’s the way she communicates.  Showing mommy exactly which accessory she wants to try on as they play together in mommy’s dressing room.  Playing with daddy and their dog outside.  They way when seated, her arms fly up in the air and her feet lift off the ground when she’s really happy or excited.  This one’s got more personality than can possibly be contained in her chubby baby body.  Hopefully, the following favorites from her session will give you some idea of what I’m talking about.
Westchester Baby Photographer_0001 Westchester Baby Photographer_0002 Westchester Baby Photographer_0003 Westchester Baby Photographer_0004 Westchester Baby Photographer_0005 Westchester Baby Photographer_0006What you’re looking at here is the most amazing rendition of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” I’ve seen in a good long while, and one I won’t soon forget.

Westchester Baby Photographer_0007 Westchester Baby Photographer_0008 Westchester Baby Photographer_0009 Westchester Baby Photographer_0010 Westchester Baby Photographer_0011 Westchester Baby Photographer_0012 Westchester Baby Photographer_0013GattoBlogFB2-1Westchester Baby Photographer_0015

I hope to get the chance to see this family again soon.  If you like what you see here and are looking for a Westchester Baby Photographer, drop me a line!

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