October 24, 2014

It’s (Almost) the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Again!) | The Life in Your Years Photography Holiday Card Options

The digital packages have started being delivered.  Any day now, the holiday decorations will be up in stores (ack!).   People are starting to think about holiday cards.  Because you’re super smart and booked your LYYP session months ago when everyone else was still shaking sand out of their shoes, you’ve got (or will soon have!) an awesome image chosen for your holiday card.  But … what’s next?

The options for online photo cards these days are abundant — overwhelming, even.  But I’ve tried to point you in the right direction by culling some of the options that showcase your LYYP images in the most festive way possible in two fancied-up online LYYP storefronts.  Have a look!

You can access the LYYP Minted Storefront HERE — Check out, especially, the designs by Pelham’s own Kimberly FitzSimons, an LYYP client whose recent session you can see HERE.  You might also want to check out the  LYYP Tiny Prints Storefront HERE for more options.  Either way, please note in the “Instructions” section of your order that you’d like The Life in Your Years Photography’s photo credit printed on the back of the card.

I’ll be super psyched if you use one of these options for your cards this year because if you do, my website information will go on the back of each card (assuming you either use the storefront or remind them of the comments, that is).  I get a real kick out of imagining your cards being pulled out of mailboxes all over the world and people smiling at the photo, then looking at the back and seeing the name of MY business.  To each his own — that’s just something I think is really cool.


HEY! Tiny Prints is giving a 40% OFF coupon code to LYYP clients! If you’re ready to make a card, go through my Tiny Prints Storefront and use this code for the discount — PHBEZ53D6D. That expires on December 10th.  You’re welcome!  Also? This weekend I emailed Minted and shared that happy news with them. They kindly responded that they’d give my LYYP clients 30% off cards at Minted, just to be nice!  They’ve sent me several single-use codes.  If you’re going to use Minted, just drop me a line and ask for one.  (You gotta love capitalism, huh?)

And since it doesn’t feel right to have a blog post without a photo, here’s my card from last year:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.22.33 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.22.52 AM

Be creative, have fun, and don’t forget to put ME on your list!

Ho, ho ho!