October 22, 2014

Moments of the Month | September 2014

September is always a whirlwind.  This one was definitely no exception.  Two new schools, six new routines.  Activities include JV soccer, rec soccer, refereeing rec soccer, rugby, speech and debate, piano, guitar, bass, swimming lessons and cub scouts.  A trip to my favorite bookstore for books and ice cream.  Four school open house nights,  a few outdoor fires, a bunch of board games, a couple of nature hikes, a solo trip to Texas for Kate, and a quick parents-only getaway to beautiful Hudson, NY for Jaye and Matt.    One trip to the emergency room for a cut face, one afternoon at the Botanic Gardens, and a whole lot of family photography sessions.  I probably didn’t remember them all, and I definitely didn’t photograph them all, but here are a few snaps of some of the moments of our crazy month.  Phew!  September Moments of the Month_0001 September Moments of the Month_0002 September Moments of the Month_0003 September Moments of the Month_0004You heard THIS STORY, right?  September Moments of the Month_0005 September Moments of the Month_0006 September Moments of the Month_0007 September Moments of the Month_0008 September Moments of the Month_0009 September Moments of the Month_0010

Hudson has a bookstore that, if it was closer, would rival my aforementioned favorite bookstore in Larchmont.  The Spotty Dog Books and Ale beautifully combines a gorgeous cozy setting, a great selections of books for browsing and buying, and craft beer on tap.  Heaven!  (Particularly when all four kids are miles away enjoying the company of their grandparents!). September Moments of the Month_0011 September Moments of the Month_0012Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.36.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.37.18 PMThanks for looking!