May 20, 2013

Seussical Jr.!

“Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”  ~Dr. Seuss


This past week has been chock full of elephants, birds, cats, monkeys, turtles, frogs, eagles and kangaroos for me.  Some zebras and tigers, even.  Not my usual subject matter, that’s true.  (Although there was that one morning with that other kangaroo…).  This weekend’s production of Seussical Jr. by SOOP Theatre Company was, by all accounts, a huge success — what a fun show, and what a talented group of kids!  A few highlights follow.   I will be making a much larger set of photos available to the parents of performers for free download within the next week or so.  If you fit that description and would like for me to email you the link when it becomes available, please send me a quick note through the “contact” button above and I’ll put you on the list!

Seuss_001 Seuss_002 Seuss_003 Seuss_004 Seuss_005 Seuss_006 Seuss_007 Seuss_008 Seuss_009
Seuss_011 Seuss_012 Seuss_013 Seuss_014 Seuss_015 Seuss_016 Seuss_017

Hope you enjoyed this ‘sneak peek’ in the meantime — feel free to share this post with friends and family who may have missed the show!