May 21, 2013

Spring in the Suburbs | Westchester Family Photographer

“Spring has sprung, the grass is ris.  I wonder where the birdies is?” 
~ My Mother (and possibly some other people, but the internet is not giving me consistent answers on this — ee cummings?  A.A. Milne?  Anon?  I’m going with “My Mother”.)

This newly-minted Westchester family moved to Rye from the city less than a year ago.  I’m sure that there are some adjustments to be made after  so many years of city family life, but I’ve got to think those are overshadowed by the constant display of color and beauty that the area put on this time of year.   Their home is beautiful, and something different was blooming at every turn.  I’m glad we managed to schedule their session during that short period of time when the beautiful cherry tree was as pink as could be …

Westchester Family Photographer-100

Glad I got to spend time with this blue eyed princess before we got the boys involved.
Westchester Family Photographer_002Westchester Family Photographer_017 Westchester Family Photographer_004 Westchester Family Photographer_005

This little charmer acted like he didn’t want to be photographed at first, but I’ll tell you what — you wouldn’t know it by looking at the pictures!  One of my favorites from the session is HERE.

Westchester Family Photographer_006Westchester Family Photographer_009 Westchester Family Photographer_007 Westchester Family Photographer_008
Westchester Family Photographer_010 Westchester Family Photographer_011 Westchester Family Photographer_012
Westchester Family Photographer_014 Westchester Family Photographer_015 Westchester Family Photographer_016
Westchester Family Photographer_019

It was my first time photographing this fun family, but I hope not the last!   (If you think the mom looks familiar, you’re not crazy — that’s just because you’ve seen her twin sister here a few times before — here and here, for example).

Fun stuff, I tell ya … thanks for looking!