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Let’s talk about a new kind of school photography. Let’s get rid of those crazy, distracting backgrounds we’ve become used to with traditional school portraits and focus on each child’s individual quirks and personalities. Let’s get photos that you’ll be happy to hang in your home - ones that show your kid as him or herself the way he or she is right now, in this brief moment in time.

with jaye mclaughlin photography

My rates are competitive with the traditional school photo companies. Nothing is due up front - all profit is made from ordering. I offer a variety of collections and a la carte products to fit everyone’s needs.

Please drop me a line HERE if you’re a school or a parent who’d like to have Jaye McLaughlin School photos at your pre-school or daycare.

(Lots more school photos HERE!)

Jaye McLaughlin School photos are fun for kids, and the ordering and fulfillment processes are simple and seamless for families.

...but make it fun!

There is no up-front ordering commitment. A few weeks after picture day, families are linked to password protected online ordering galleries organized according to grade and class. Each child’s gallery will contain 2-5 images presented in both color and black and white. The family chooses the photos they want to purchase. I offer traditional school photo collections as well as boutique product choices such as ready-to-hang standout mounts and digital images for future printing and archiving.

The process is easy-peasy for the school, too. All the info for picture day preparation and ordering procedures will be sent to parents and provided to each school to be distributed to families prior to picture day. I handle any and all questions from parents and families about ordering and products. I provide all equipment and personnel needed for picture day. Prints and digitals are ordered online and delivered directly to the school. I take staff photos for free as part of the process, and I provide the school with all high resolution digital files for use in yearbooks, website, school advertising, or however the school wishes to use the images.

Preschoolers are such interesting little humans -
don’t we want to show that? 

let's do this!