Hi, ladies and gents!

Summer's not over yet, but we've reached the point at which every moment feels just a little frantic. While readiness for normal life and routine are are starting to tickle the back of our throats, we're not quite there yet.

I always eventually come back to this space and talk about highlights of the summer, but this year I'm compelled to jump in and share two biggies that I know will be standouts, no matter what happens in these last two weeks.

The Awning Brothers

One was just a couple of nights ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that any time my family has instruments out and are sitting around making music is going to be a highlight for me. But the other night, THE AWNING BROTHERS had their very first real gig and I cannot stop thinking about it (and, let's be honest, replaying the hundreds of videos I took on my phone).

Hi, I'm their biggest fan.

I created a highlight on my Instagram page if you'd like to see just a few of my favorite clips - it's called "Awning Brothers." (You'll have to scroll through the ones I added on Father's Day. Or, you know, you could watch those too ;)) As of this posting, it's the first highlight on my Instagram page, which is HERE.


The other "moment" was the epic family reunion I told you about in my Summer Status post. Thirty Murphys, aged 18 months to 80, gathered here in our little beach community and family-reunioned for over a week. I've told you about these incredible gatherings before - you may remember photos from #Canonica17 and #Cottage19 in Italy and Canada, respectively. I haven't made my big photo book yet, but I couldn't resist throwing together a fistful of all our photos and making this slideshow just days after the last cousin left.

There have been, of course, lots of other wonderful things happening this summer, not the least of which are the many new babies and Baby Plan families I've had the honor to photograph.  There are only two weeks left of summer, though, so the words and pictures for those will have to wait.

I hope your summer's going great, that you're paying attention, and that you're taking lots of pictures (real ones and mental ones!)

Thanks for looking,



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