I know this may sound crazy to you (It sure does to ME!) but I'm here today to tell you that I'm pretty much completely booked for 2022.  (Having a baby? Talk to me -- I always try to squeeze in newborns!)

I've started an official waitlist for unexpected spring and fall openings - would you like to be on that list?  

If you'd like for me to add you to the waitlist, please click HERE.

Once I get your note, I'll:

  • send over pricing and info and answer any questions;
  • gather some information about what you're hoping for, and
  • tell you about the details of my FREE Holiday Card Micro Mini Session Event in the fall (you can see how they worked last year HERE) and
  • if you still want to be on the list, we'll make it official ;))


If you're coming to me here via my March newsletter, please excuse the repetition, but ...

In case you're new around here and are not familiar with my frequent rambling on the subject, I feel I should explain –  

I am super, duper careful to make sure that every experience with Jaye McLaughlin Photography is as easy, stress-free and FUN as it can possibly be, and part of this means putting in the time before, during and after each session to ensure that.  It also means building a little wiggle room into each week to allow for occasional reschedules.  If I pack any given week too tightly, I put the likelihood of that optimal experience at risk.   

So, guys, even though I WANT to say yes to pretty much every family that reaches out, I just can't. 

Can not. 

Must not.  


(This takes a LOT of restraint from me, friends – believe me!)

I really, really, really hope to work with you!

Thanks for looking,

~ Jaye

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