Every year, I rifle through my images from the past 12 months in search of the ones that I think might be worthy of one of the family photography community's highest honors - inclusion in the Click Voice Collection. I try not to get my hopes up -- there are, after all THOUSANDS of entries from around the world every year -- but every year, I submit. The exercise itself is really useful -- while you'd think I'd spend more time with the images I love after they're delivered, I tend to be busy with the next thing. It's good to revisit all the galleries and decide which ones I'd like to add to my portfolio or include in newsletters and blog posts and such. So, I do it.

In the first 9 years of my business, I was included twice. You can see my 2017 winner HERE. I can't seem to find my blog post about the first time I was included, but since it remains an all-time favorite of mine, I'm just going to share it here. It was entered in the "Daily Life" category, and I titled it "Independence":

(Ooooh, I love that image SO much. It's really true that photos of your kiddos (this one's MY BABY!) gain value over time. Whether they win photography competitions or not!)

At the end of 2021, I made it to THREE with this image:

You can see the other finalists in the "Environmental Portraiture" category HERE - prepare to have your mind blown! Such an amazing and powerful collection of images.

Voice Magazine describes the honor this way:

"Voice is a celebrated annual photography competition hosted by Click & Company. Through each photographer's singular lens, the VOICE Competition and Collection provides a unique platform for real women to share real stories. And with more than 40,000 images entered each year, it has become on of the most powerful visual documentations by, of and for women around the world."

Pretty cool, huh? I mean, I don't mean to brag, but I'd be lying if I said that didn't feel good.

Thanks for looking,


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