Moments of the Month | May 2020

Memories of May 2020.  Captured mostly on my iPhone.  The first half of May looked a lot like the beginning of lockdown, but with the family taking advantage of the weather warming up.  During the second half of May, as the social distancing order relaxed, we saw lots of Grasslighters rehearsals/performances and my super fun “Pelham Front Stoop Project” took place.  To be honest, I thought I’d look back on May as the “end” of the great 2020 quarantine.  Sadly, it lingers.  But there’s no question that the new normal began in Mid May.  A weird time, but still worth remembering.

Walks on the beach as open schedules allowed Breezy visits way earlier in the spring than usual.

Breakfast in bed and a new bike for Mother’s Day.

Rides to City Island and around town.

Music on front lawns and back decks and basements until late in the night.

Noise for the first responders at 7.

Chiminea fires and toasting marshmallows.

Quarantine beards.

Grocery store lines.

Junior convocation mass viewed online.

Photos of lunches sent out on the family chat and a dish duty schedule that’s worked better than ever before.

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