August 11, 2020

Ch-ch-ch-changes | Connecticut Baby Plan

The truth is, we’ve ALL gone through a lot of changes lately.  (And I’m happy to report that not one of my wonderful families has lost sight of the fact that it’s ALL worth documenting and remembering, but that’s for another post).

But if you had a baby AND moved house in the last year, you’ve really gone through a lot of changes.

Like this family. The final chapter of their Baby Plan was scheduled to happen in early March in Larchmont, but darn Coxsackie virus prevented it from happening.  By the time the kiddos had recovered from virus #1, we all had a different virus to contend with ….

That’s OK! We’d just reschedule, right?  But the family was moving, so doing it in their Larchmont home was no longer an option once the world opened up.  Their new house in Connecticut wasn’t an option either – covid delays, you see.  That’s OK! Thankfully, this little kiddo has some very gracious grandparents who hosted the family (and ME, for one lovely morning) – in the perfect spot to tell a very true story of change.  It’s not all easy, but it IS all beautiful.

(Can’t resist adding this one – I mean, I’m telling the whole story, you know?)

AND since I don’t think I ever shared faves from the first two Baby Plan Chapters, here are a few bonus blog post images …. circa 2019 in Larchmont, where it all began.


Sitting Session:

Connecticut Baby Plan(You know that ALL my sessions are family sessions, right?)

Ah, this image.

It reminds me how much I miss holding/squeezing/touching my babies at sessions.  I’m happy to be back shooting, alright, but things can’t change back to ‘normal’ soon enough for me when it comes to that!

Thanks for looking,

~ Jaye


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