If you’re reading this on its publication date, I’m currently on a plane headed for Portugal.  Or maybe I’ve just arrived, feeling muy, muy groggy.  So groggy, in fact, that I might be using the few Spanish words I have in Portugal, where they obviously speak Portuguese.


I thought this would be a good time to share some tips.  5 tips, to be exact.  5 tips for taking meaningful photos on family vacations.  I’ve created an art form from this, I think.  When I originally wrote this article for the National Association for Professional Child Photographers six years ago, my methods had already been honed.  Now, my kids (not me) are six years older and these five tips are as important as ever.

Without further ado, please enjoy the tips HERE.

Tips for Taking Meaningful Photos on Family Vacation
Here we are in Galicia, Spain, which looks surprisingly similar to the west coast of Ireland, featured in the blog post from six years ago.

All the advice from six years ago applies today.  By way of update, I’ll say that my quest for the perfect travel photo gear has taken many twists and turns since I began enjoying photography on the road.  I’m always looking for the magic combination of equipment that will both do the once-in-a-lifetime moments justice and be easy on my back, neck and carryon weight allowance.  That quest has taken me through a few years trying out the Fuji Mirrorless camera system and most recently, a dive into the world of Sony Mirrorless.  If this sounds exciting to you, we should talk (Also, you’re a nerd.  Just like me).

Next week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips for traveling with a large family on a budget.  Do stay tuned!

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