Moments of the Month | #Cottage19

Before the fall rush, I’m determined to get through some of the kajillions of personal photos I have waiting for attention. On the tippy top of that list are the ones from #Cottage19, which was Volume II of the epic Murphy Family Reunion series (Volume I, #Canonica17, is chronicled HERE and HERE, and the pretty impressive backstory is HERE). Without further ado, Murphys, here you go.

You can download any photos from the slideshow you like HERE (along with some individual bridge-jumping ones I didn’t include in the slideshow). My set is far from complete this year, but my TRIP was far from complete. I just have to vow to be there the WHOLE TIME for #TBD2021!

A few highlights for any non-Murphys who are curious, but not curious enough to watch the slideshow. 😉

Thanks for looking,


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