#Canonica17 | Moments of the Month August 2017

Friends, I’ve reached an all time low.  You know how I have these really strict rules about culling, editing and sharing photos from my own life?  How I’m in big trouble with myself if I don’t publish my monthly “Moments of the Month” post by the end of the following month?  Well, I fell of the being-good-about-that wagon HARD.  FIVE months ago.  I’ve got all kinds of excuses I could give you (and myself!), but ... you don’t want to hear them, any more than I want to hear them myself.  The important thing is that I’m here now, and I’m resolved to catch up tout-suite.  Because to have kept up a monthly habit for six (six?) years and then give it up just before THIS was created would be ridiculous:

Ah, Canonica17.  What an amazing, amazing experience.  I told you all about it BEFORE it happened HERE.  The thing is, the lead up to this trip was SO big.  You’d almost expect that there’d be some disappointment when it actually happened.  Well, no.  There was no disappointment - everything about it exceeded my very high expectations.  I’ve been enjoying the book and the slideshow from this trip for months, and I still get chills as I go through the pictures and try (in vain) to pick just a few favorite photos for this post.

Sigh.  I’m sad it’s over.

For the sake of all of those who actually care about these photos, I’m also going to link to the slideshow I made HERE.  I blogged the portions of the trip that were immediately before and after these magical days HERE and HERE (these do not include all the cousins, you see).  And NOW, I’m back on my horse.  Back in the saddle.  Back on the wagon.  Stay tuned for a steady stream of blog posts here for a while.

Thanks for looking,


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