August 28, 2019

Growth and Consistency | In Home Photography

When a little kid runs up to me in a public place and tackles me in the legs and I look down and realize it’s a person I’ve been photographing almost since birth and that seeing me out of context (out of their homes, without any cameras attached to my body) is like a celebrity sighting for them … THAT’S pretty cool.

This is one whose annual session is a highlight of my June.  The personality that shines out of her little body is warm, open, funny, and just delightful.

There’s frequently a photo in each session in which I feel like there’s a glimpse of a future version of a kid.  This first one is that for me.  She’s completely poised and mature in this moment.  I have no doubt, though, that she’ll always have a part of herself that’s all silly performer.  Mom, Dad and I love seeing all the parts in her photos every year.  (Mom wrote last year’s blog post as part of my “In Their Words” series HERE and you can click back from there to see her previous sessions if you like).

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