July 12, 2018

In Their Words | Story of a Stylist

Welcome to another installment of my newest blog series, “In Their Words” in which my super-fantabulous clients guest blog for me here at LYYP!  Today’s post comes from Stacy, who’s been an LYYP client for five years now.  Stacy’s daughter is one of my favorite, favorite faaaaaavorites.  She is fun. She is funny. She never fails to come up with something during her sessions that has me cracking up laughing.   And, as you’re about to witness, she’s got incredible style – no doubt learned and inherited from her super stylish mama, the talent behind Styling By Stacy and First Seven Consulting.  Check out Stacy’s fab work and see what she can do for you, but first … check out her amazing family, captured LYYP-style. 😉


I regularly blog for my personal styling and consulting businesses, so when Jaye asked If I’d like to guest blog for LYYP, of course I eagerly agreed.  

I have so much to say about our LYYP sessions – we’ve been working with Jaye for five years now and and I consider her photos and albums to be among my most treasured possessions – but when I first sat down to write this post, I honestly didn’t know where to start. So, I headed to my family room and took down all my albums.  Then I went to get a box of kleenex. I was only about 2 pages into my first album when the waterworks started! I saw my baby, I saw my house when we first moved in, I saw our beloved dog, Chester… I glanced at a photo from 3 years ago and could imagine what my daughter was saying, or what song she was singing. I could literally hear her magical giggles through the pages.

I’m a stylist and Jaye’s photos capture that aspect of our lives.  I actually didn’t even realize how clearly it came though in our sessions until just now, when I looked through all my photos. It’s so ‘us’ that in some sessions we start out casual, (with Chester wearing a coordinating bandana), then do an outfit change (into twirly dresses of course).

I love the pictures of my daughter choosing her favorite shoes, or trying on mine.  She loves to spend time in my closet and has a strong opinion on accessories.

Jaye captures this perfectly and organically. Most sessions seem to end with my daughter doing some serious posing!

Jaye’s photos tell our story and as long as my family is into it, I’ll keep asking Jaye to record more chapters!


Thanks for looking!