April 23, 2018

Oliver! | Pelham Childrens Theater

Ladies and gentlemen!

Yesterday we wrapped up yet another successful PCT production — this year it was Lionel Bart’s Oliver.  Oh boy, what fun.

Pelham is blessed to have some amazing theater. I’ve been thinking about what makes PCT extra special and here’s what I’ve come up with. First, obviously, is the kids. They’re 5th and 6th graders and many of them are not and will not necessarily become what you’d call ‘theater kids.’ They’re at at transitional age – between little kid and big kid – most experiencing the magic of theater for the first time, and that energy is absolutely infectious.

The second thing, I think, is that PCT is truly a community effort. Every costume, every prop, every part of the set, every playbill ad, every hairdo even … is created or sourced by a volunteer in this wonderful and unique community. (And many do not have kids in the show!) Our local business support us by advertising in our gorgeous (and thick!) playbill, and by coming to see the shows.  Even the support we get in our local Facebook groups (“Does anyone have a magistrate wig we can borrow? A yoke? A billy club?) makes it feel like something we’ve all done together. And the result is always something amazing. I’m honored to be a part of this long running (52 year!) tradition in Pelham.

(If you’re a PCT groupie like me or an actor a parent of an actor), keep scrolling to see the annual slideshow AND for a link to download the photos for your very own).

Here it is — the slideshow that had the full cast singing along and cheering at the cast party yesterday.  This annual labor of love really shows the progression these kids have made, and the love and enthusiasm all involved put into making PCT as magical an experience as it always is.

Last year’s slideshow is HERE and you can click waaaay back (I’ve been doing this since Beauty and the Beast in 2010, people!) if you really want to take a walk down memory lane.

And finally, if you’d like some (or all) of these photos of your own, they will be available for download for 10 days HERE with the backstage password from the PCT website!  (Drop me a line if you’ve forgotten — I had to look it up myself 😉

Thanks for looking,


P.S. Forever PCT!

P.P.S.  That P.S. just inspired me to share the lyrics to the song Gary Schwartz, our much-beloved music director, sang to the kids at the pre-opening night directors’ pep talk.  Sing along with me, to the tune of “Oom-Pah-Pah”:

Welcome to our theater, where kids become the leaders
The get up on the stage where they show off their chops.

Anyone can try it but don’t expect the quiet
‘Cause this is PCT where the fun never stops

PCT, PCT join in the fun
PCT PCT we’re number one!
Smiles on our faces that shine like the sun,
Welcome to PCT!

There’s a boy named Ollie, who isn’t feeling jolly
He’s hungry and he’s tired, and awfully cold.
But, today in Pelham, we all are here to tell him
through acting and the singing his tale will be told.

PCT, PCT join in the fun
PCT PCT we’re number one!
Smiles on our faces that shine like the sun,
Welcome to PCT!

Time for us to move our feet, time for you to take your seat
Curtain soon will open, away we will go
Lights will soon be dimming, the show will be beginning
Our last bit of advice is to enjoy the show!

PCT, PCT join in the fun
PCT PCT we’re number one!
Smiles on our faces that shine like the sun,
Welcome to PCT!

P.P.P.S.  GaRY! GaRY! GaRY!