April 16, 2018

Moments of the Month | December 2017

This past December was really different from Decembers past.  On December 23rd, we packed up and flew to Florida, where we met the extended family on the Murphy side and boarded a 7 day cruise to Key West, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Grand Cayman.  It. Was. Incredible.  As I sit through the gajjilionth Nor’ Easter of the winter, (it’s spring, of course, but we’re still having winter storms), I’ve decided to share just a few photos form that portion of the month. These last three were taken by the cruise’s professional photographers.  How fun are they????

I’ve got some photos form the first three weeks of December too, but I guess I’ve decided to bend time in protest. 😉

And as always, the day to day shenanigans on my Instagram:

I still haven’t gotten up to speed on my personal images, obviously.  (Although I DID just order a book with photos from the cruise!)  I’ve learned from falling so far behind that I NEED to get back to sharing monthly because when I’m behind, it feels like just another task. When I do it in a timely fashion, it’s sort of a reflection of the month and I think about what the photos mean to me and I remember (and usually write a little about) the experiences.  I’m going to forgive myself for falling behind.  And I’m going to catch up already.  But THEN I’m going to keep up with even greater resolve. (And maybe then I’ll come back to these sparsely-worded posts and add some good old leisurely musings ;))

Thanks for looking!