February 7, 2018

Field Trip | High Line Photographer

I’m all about in-home photography.  I really am.  That’s where you’re you – where your story is.  That’s where you get the real stuff.


If you’ve been with me for, like, 7  years and we’ve done everything from brand new newborn moments to legos to swings to a walk on the local golf course to a pool party in the backyard and your kids are at the age that day-trip adventures are a part of your regular life, then … well, why not?  How about the High Line?

That was really fun.  We had a beautiful day and the place practically to ourselves (I do love my early mornings!)  After dad went to work and I headed out on my merry way, mom even stuck around and had fun taking pictures of the kids on her own.  WHICH reminds me — mom was one of the students in the inaugural run of my  new Freeze Ray Basics | Beginner Photography Workshops for Parents and boy, has she got an eye!  I really enjoyed showing her around the basics of taking photos and the workings of her camera.  I may have even sparked a mini-obsession … but time will tell!  If you’re interested in learning how to take better photos of your kids with your own fancy camera, there’s info and a place to register for the next round of workshops on March 2 and 9 (or learn how you can host your own!) HERE.

Oh, and you can see some recent past sessions with this lovely family HERE and HERE.

Thanks for looking!