May 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday | Under Construction

My Throwback Thursday post is a weee bit late this week.  OK, an entire day late.  I started in on Thursday, does that count?  (Nobody cares, Jaye.  Just move on).

THIS post from early 2014 is a favorite.  I’ve referred back to it on many, many occasions.  The thing is that in this area of the world, we live in old homes.  All of us.  And living in an old home means that your home is always a work in progress.  Whether you’re fixing broken things or replacing old things or making too-small things bigger, there’s always something going on.  Many LYYP newbies have expressed concerns about having photos taken in their homes because of this universal state of affairs, and I always have this post to show them.  (You guys didn’t know you were famous, huh?)  I show them this post and I explain that the point of an LYYP session is NOT to take a perfect picture of a perfect family in a perfect home.  It’s to tell the story of YOUR family in YOUR home, as they are right now.  Both are always changing, and the things that have changed the most are always going to be the things that you enjoy seeing most when you look back on these pictures.  Amiright???

And listen, I’ll take a couple of the ‘perfect’ photos you’re thinking about.  I have nothing against those.  We’ll find a spot.  And then we’ll enjoy telling the whole story together.  Scroll down and click the link for more word (so many words!) by yours truly about this session and this general idea.  And some better-with-every-passing-year pictures, too.  Enjoy!


I just love it when a family truly “gets” the storytelling aspect of my lifestyle sessions.  And it’s a huge bonus when there’s such a rich story to tell.There was “the construction”, for one thing.  “Did you know that you can go inside the construction?!” the little guy asked…

Source: Under Construction | Westchester Family Photographer – The Life in Your Years Photography