February 10, 2014

Under Construction | Westchester Family Photographer

I just love it when a family truly “gets” the storytelling aspect of my lifestyle sessions.  And it’s a huge bonus when there’s such a rich story to tell.

There was “the construction”, for one thing.  “Did you know that you can go inside the construction?!” the little guy asked me.  And so we did.  They proudly escorted me into what would soon be their new family room — but not without grabbing little guy’s favorite stapler first.  Now, you might have wondered whether I had suggested the stapler, or even had brought it along as a prop — but no, this was all him.  I later learned that mom will cherish the stapler photos as lasting evidence of her four year old’s “love affair with office supplies.”  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

There’s much, much more to this story, of course.  If I wasn’t such a blabbermouth, I would be quiet and let you see it for yourself in the pictures, but I feel the need to give you a heads up so that as you’re going through, you don’t miss anything important.  Of course, big sister is just busting with personality — you couldn’t miss that.   And mom let her choose her own outfit, allowing that personality to shine through.  (Or, really — the level of resistance Mom put up to the chosen outfit of a sundress and red cowboy boots in October evidenced a practiced acceptance that nothing could conquer the will of this spunky six year old).  The kids showed me their bikes and took a spin around the grassy backyard.  There was a quick running race in the fall foliage, after which little guy accepted mom’s condolences at his defeat and big sis celebrated her victory by sneaking a sip of mom’s coffee.   Hanging out with dad and the little guy together clued me in to the fact that little guy’s highly expressive face came directly from Dad’s DNA.  We all enjoyed hanging out in what will be remembered as their house when they were little kids, before “the construction” made it into what it is and will be for the next phase of their lives.  It’s quite a story, I think.  Enjoy!

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