March 21, 2017

Westchester Baby Photographer | Smush

You’re going to want to smush this baby.  His brother, too.  They’re soooo smushable.  How lucky am I to be their Westchester baby photographer?

Westchester Baby Photographer

See what I mean?

(The photo above inspired a recent “Words and Pictures” post.  These early years go soooooo fast!) 

Westchester Baby Photographer

I’ve worked with this adorable family four times in the last year — a maternity session when little brother was on the way, a newborn session when he made his triumphant entrance, their Christmas Card Micro Mini Session back in November, and this most recent visit.  Each time, I’ve been absolutely  smitten with all four of them.  The boys are so happy and sweet, and mom and dad’s enthusiasm about capturing this time in their lives almost matches my own.  Let me tell you something — to nearly match the level of enthusiasm of a Westchester baby photographer is no small thing!

My great experience with this family — watching each step and logging the immense changes that take place in the first year of baby’s life — was part of what inspired me to sit down recently and figure out a way to encourage more families with new babies to see me more often during that first year.  And people, I think I’ve done it!  The LYYP Baby Plan was recently hatched, and I cannot wait to add some members to the ranks.  Definitely drop me a line if you’re expecting a baby soon!  

Thanks for looking,


Westchester Baby Photographer

P.S.  Signing off now to make their day — I’m going to package and deliver their beautiful Storybook Album and the rest of their order!  I sure am a lucky girl.