February 12, 2017

Westchester County Newborn Photographer | Boo

Lucky me – when this baby was on the way and her parents  were looking for a Westchester County Newborn Photographer, they asked Dad’s sister — the mom in my last blog post — and she sent them my way.  Born on Halloween, this little cutie had yet to meet her big cousins when I met her at only a few days old.  I know she’s going to look forward to visits with her cousins when she’s older.  For now, she and her family are getting to know each other and I was really happy to pop in and witness all the newness back in the fall.
Westchester County Newborn PhotographerWestchester County Newborn Photographer_0005Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0006Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0007Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0008Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0009If you’re looking for a Westchester County Newborn Photographer, I hope you’ll drop me a line, too!

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