February 9, 2017

Irvington Photographer | Chicken Dance

I love getting a glimpse into my families’ ‘routines’ when I visit them yearly for pictures.  Usually, when I talk about the routines I capture, I’m talking about early morning pajama time, breakfast, outfit negotiation, hair brushing and the like.  As this family’s Irvington photographer, I’ve noticed it’s something more.  There’s always one song or dance that gets all the kids pumped up — smiling and laughing and performing for my camera.  It’s utterly priceless.   I think last year (blogged HERE) it was the song “Shut Up and Dance With Me.”  This year, it was an old classic — “The Chicken Dance.”  So awesome.  I’ll tell you, that baby girl is a great dancer and her brothers looooove her so much!  I’ll bet my future duties as their Irvington Photographer will involve capturing dance recital costumes in the future 😉Irvington Photographer_0001Irvington Photographer_0002Irvington Photographer_0003Irvington PhotographerIrvington Photographer_0005Irvington Photographer_0006Irvington Photographer_0007Irvington Photographer_0008Irvington Photographer_0009

Not long after I saw this family, I was lucky enough to meet their brad new cousin — stay tuned to the blog for those pics soon.  (You know how I LOVE when clients send their friends and family to me, right?  All these cousins are now enjoying some extra photo love in the form of my Referral Thank You Gift).

Thanks for looking!