August 1, 2016

Before School

Spending the morning with this bunch is always fun. Before School_0010Yawn … Before School_0002Before School_0001Before School_0003Before School_0004… and streeeeeetch!  Time to start the day!Before School_0005Before School_0006Before School_0007Before School_0008Before School_0009Before School_0011Before School_0012Before School_0013Before School_0014Before School_0015Before School_0016Before School_0017Before School_0018Before School_0019

Jumping on the new big girl bed, reading books, sharing breakfast, having a tea party, playing in the yard and running a few laps around the house is what everyone does before walking to school, right?

I’ve been photographing this family for a few years now, and it’s always fun.  (The last time is HERE, and you can click back from there if you like to see prior sessions).  This little lady is busting with personality — mom and dad are pretty fun to be with, too.  It’s sometimes hard to keep my camera still against the giggles when watching all the fun antics through the viewfinder.  I’m already looking forward to next June, when we’ll add the next installment to their storybook album collection!

Thanks for looking,