July 24, 2016

Breakfast for Seven

A family with five kids move into a brand new (to them) house.  They spend their first Saturday morning making pancakes with daddy.  And showing me their new rooms.  Breakfast for Seven_0001Breakfast for Seven_0002Breakfast for Seven_0003Breakfast for Seven_0004Breakfast for Seven_0005Breakfast for Seven_0006Breakfast for Seven_0007Breakfast for Seven_0008Breakfast for Seven_0009Breakfast for Seven_0010Breakfast for Seven_0011Breakfast for Seven_0012Breakfast for Seven_0013Breakfast for Seven_0014Breakfast for Seven_0015Breakfast for Seven_0016Breakfast for Seven_0017Breakfast for Seven_0018Breakfast for Seven_0019Breakfast for Seven_0020Breakfast for Seven_0021Breakfast for Seven_0022Breakfast for Seven_0023Breakfast for Seven_0024I’ve had the honor of documenting this family’s story since baby number four was a newborn and the three oldest were not much older than that.  Next year’s session is already on the calendar and I’m already looking forward to the fun (times seven!)

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