June 13, 2016

Gaga | Chappaqua Family Photography

I always tell you how much fun I have at my sessions.  It’s true – I have a ball with my LYYP families.  In the case of this particular Chappaqua family photography session, I have to confess — I may have had almost as much fun at their ordering session as I did at their photo session.  The girls watched the slideshow with us and then, after flying the girls up to their beds like human airplanes, mom and dad sat down with me to go through the photos.  The two of them are so gaga for these girls — and the expressions and moments we caught in these photos — and their enthusiasm is a joy to experience.

From hide and seek to family hugs and kisses to backyard fun to flying to jumping on the bed to a fashion show — the girls’ exuberance was fun to catch, too.  See if you can spot the photo I call “Crabs on the Catwalk” — they were doing a fashion show for me, and when I said “Show me how you walk the catwalk, ladies!”, they somehow thought I was asking them to do a CRAB walk.  Too funny…Chappaqua Family Photography_0001 Chappaqua Family Photography_0002 Chappaqua Family Photography_0003 Chappaqua Family Photography_0004 Chappaqua Family Photography_0005 Chappaqua Family Photography_0006 Chappaqua Family Photography_0007 Chappaqua Family Photography_0008 Chappaqua Family Photography_0009Chappaqua Family Photography_0010 Chappaqua Family Photography_0011 Chappaqua Family Photography_0012 Chappaqua Family Photography_0013 Chappaqua Family Photography_0014 Chappaqua Family Photography_0015 Chappaqua Family Photography_0016 Chappaqua Family Photography_0017 Chappaqua Family Photography_0018

Together, we designed a great wall gallery to complement the standout mounts from their previous session, and — of course — a great storybook album they’ll treasure for years to come.

Here are a couple of favorite spreads (although really, how can I choose favorites???)

Aidekman_416_02 Aidekman_416_11

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