April 1, 2015

Remember when snow was awesome? | Scarsdale Family Photography

Spring is here!  The sun is out!  The grass is green!  The flowers are blooming!

April Fools.  I’m lying.  There are still patches of icy gray snow on my front lawn and the few crocuses that are starting to peek through the brown grass look really hesitant to actually show themselves.  This winter has been tough, folks, and it doesn’t seem to realize that it has waaaaay overstayed its welcome.

The good news is that you, my LYYP peeps, have started to really come around to my urging that we don’t NEED green grass, flowers or warm temperatures to have an awesome lifestyle family photography session.  Daffodills and  azaleas and orange leaves will all show up eventually year after year, but they’re NOT the reason we want to freeze and keep the moments of our lives — they have nothing to do with it, so why cater to their whims?  (Take THAT, winter!)

For this January session, we did take advantage of the weather for part of our time together.  It was early in the winter, back when the kids — and even the grownups, a little — were pumped for the arrival of the pretty white stuff.  The fact that it was 12 degrees outside didn’t scare us — we knew that there was hot chocolate waiting inside and we all experienced a little of that giddy excitement that an early winter snowfall can bring.  (Remember that?)

Scarsdale Family Photographer_0015 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0016 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0018 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0020 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0021

And the even BETTER news was that we were able to capture some of the fun, love and excitement that I know was part of every day in this family’s indoor life.  I just love that they’ll be able to revisit these moments again and again through the years.Scarsdale Family Photographer_0022 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0023 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0024 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0025 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0026 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0027Can’t wait till  next time — I’ve got this family on the books for another session this fall.

Thanks for looking!


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