June 9, 2015

NYC Chapter Two | NYC Family Photographer

I first met this family (briefly!) at their 2014 micro mini session.  Originally from the south, they’ve been living in NYC for the last few years while Dad went to business school.  So, NYC has been their story.  On the evening of their session, Dad had recently finished school and they weren’t sure where their next chapter would take them.  The session was sort of bittersweet, since they thought the NY chapter was about to end.  A celebration of a time that would soon be behind them, and that their three beautiful girls would likely only remember faintly.

By the time I sat down with Mom and Dad for their ordering session, a plan had solidified.  They’re staying!  Mom is starting a masters degree at Columbia and Dad starts his new job soon.

I can’t wait until the next time I see them for photos.  As you can see, each one of them is gorgeous.  I had SO many photos from their session that it was REALLY hard to design their storybook album.  (It came out great, though — a couple of preview spreads are at the end of this post!)
NYC Family Photographer_0001

NYC Family Photographer_0002

NYC Family Photographer_0003

NYC Family Photographer_0004

NYC Family Photographer_0005

NYC Family Photographer_0006

NYC Family Photographer_0007

NYC Family Photographer_0008

NYC Family Photographer_0009

NYC Family Photographer_0010

NYC Family Photographer_0011

NYC Family Photographer_0012

NYC Family Photographer_0013

NYC Family Photographer_0014

NYC Family Photographer_0015

NYC Family Photographer_0016


NYC Family Photographer_0018

NYC Family Photographer_0019

NYC Family Photographer_0020

NYC Family Photographer_0021

NYC Family Photographer_0022

NYC Family Photographer_0023

NYC Family Photographer_0024

NYC Family Photographer_0025

NYC Family Photographer_0026

NYC Family Photographer_0027

NYC Family Photographer_0028I’m torn over whether THIS one or the one at the top of this post is my fave.  How can I possibly decide?

This session was MADE for a storybook album, and while it was tough, I really did enjoy designing theirs.  A couple of my favorite spreads:

I call this one “The Love Spread.”
NYC Family Photographer_0030

And this one’s “The Ice Cream Spread.”

NYC Family Photographer_0029

It’s going to be a beauty!

Thanks for looking!


NYC Family Photographer