March 16, 2015

Micro Mini Sessions 2014 | Part I

Just LOOK at all these good looking kiddos!Lieb's Nursery_0001 Lieb's Nursery_0002 Lieb's Nursery_0003

They all have one thing in common.  Last November, they all  came together for the first day of LYYP Christmas Card Micro Mini Sessions.

This was new for LYYP, but after the success we had with it, I think it’s safe to say that this will be happening again.  The deal was that any family who had pre-booked a full LYYP lifestyle session in 2015 was entitled to a grab a slot for a FREE quickie kid-only micro mini session whose primary goal was to achieve the ever-elusive holiday card photo for 2014.  I know that several of the favorites I’ve highlighted here (as well as some of the ones I’ve already shown you HERE) were chosen and delivered to mailboxes all over the world with greetings of peace, love and good cheer!

The first day of mini sessions was hosted by the nice people at Lieb’s Nursery, a local business I’ve frequented since moving to the area.  They graciously allowed us to wander around their gorgeous 3.5 acre property on that chilly but beautiful day in November.  From Christmas trees to pretty gazebos and bridges to a cozy greenhouse, there was a lot for us to play with.

Stay tuned for scenes from day TWO of the 2014 LYYP Micro mini sessions tomorrow!

Thanks for looking,