April 28, 2015

These TWO are ONE! | Twins Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve said it before and, knowing me, I’m sure I’ll say it again — one of my favorite things about this job is watching teeny tiny babies grow into scrambling one-year-olds, babbling toddlers, precocious pre-schoolers, and beyond.  I first met these two lovelies at their newborn session, which you can see HERE.

What a treat it was to reconnect with them on their actual first birthday!  And to freeze a glimpse of their lives, and the lives of their parents, which right now happens largely in the living room-sized enclosure that keeps them safe.  I call it “baby jail.”

Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0001 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0002 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0003 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0004 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0005 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0006 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0007

Their session was in early April, one of the first warm-ish days of the spring.  We headed outside in their fancy birthday duds, and it was like watching the twins experience a new world.  Grass?  What’s this?  I’m sure it’s old hat to them by now  …. that’s how fast life goes when you’re in a family with one year old twins.

Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0008 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0009 Twins Lifestyle Photographer_0010My favorite from the session is definitely HERE.

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