March 4, 2015

Documenting At Home | Old Greenwich Family Photographer

Late last fall, I had the pleasure of spending a morning with this Old Greenwich family at home.  Originally from Australia and Sweden, they’ve been settling into this Connecticut chapter of their lives with their completely adorable little boy and girl.  We had a blast playing on the swing set and trampoline in the yard, doing some dressing up inside, and exploring some of their favorite things in their rooms.  These are just a few of my favorites from the session.  (Warning — there are LOTS of photos here.  I’m not in a very narrowing-down kind of mood today).Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0001 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0002 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0003

The very morning of the session, this little guy decided that he needed a do-it-yourself haircut to look his best in pictures.  Thankfully, mom had a great sense of humor about it. I think we managed to minimize the visibility of his handiwork in most of the pictures, BUT — this one, with the mischievous grin to match — tells the story perfectly, I think.  So many little boys (and girls) have done this once (and only once!) during their childhoods.  This mixture of mischief and pride in his expression is just totally perfect.

Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0004 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0005 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0006 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0007
You know I’ve got a thing for “In My Room” photos.  (Another recent fave from a recent not-yet-blogged session is HERE).Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0008 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0009Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0016

What a face, right?  Mom and Dad tell me that she can sit in her room with a few good books for HOURS.Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0017 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0010 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0011 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0012 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0013 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0014 Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0015Old Greenwich Family Photographer_0018

I’m reeeeaaaalllly looking forward to seeing this family again for their session in the spring.  (And it’s a good thing they booked!  Did you know that other than a few Weekday Mini Sessions, the LYYP spring calendar is completely full?  Zoinks — I’m rather stunned myself).

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