February 23, 2015

And Puppy Makes Six | Rye Family Photographer

This Rye family was one puppy short when I last saw them.  Puppies add to the fun, of course, and this little apricot colored cutie was just what we needed to help get everyone having a good time.  Their home is a Rye family photographer’s dream, both inside and out.  Here are just a few of my faves from their late October session.  Rye Family Photographer

You remember this one from the LYYP Pic of the Year Contest, right?  It was a finalist!

Rye Family Photographer_0002 Rye Family Photographer_0003

A game a of chase around the yard was just what we needed to get an initially reluctant little brother into the photo groove. 😉

Rye Family Photographer_0006 Rye Family Photographer_0007 Rye Family Photographer_0008Thanks for looking!


Rye Family Photographer