December 17, 2014

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes | Westchester Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I remember when I photographed big brother, soon after his birth. It was right after Sandy, and if I’m not mistaken, he was born in the same hospital downtown that had lost power during the storm — we all watched news footage of nurses carrying brand new babies down the stairs and to waiting ambulances, so that they could be brought so higher ground within the city.  You know, someplace with electricity.  They couldn’t even come home to their house after leaving the hospital because the power was out there, too.  It was a crazy time, and big brother will always have that story to tell.

Little sister’s story didn’t make the headlines, but she’ll have hers just the same.   Surviving coming home to a just-two year old brother, though common, is a story in itself.  (Even though her big brother is as sweet as can be!)  Moving to a new house within months of being born — maybe not so stressful for very-portable baby sis, but I’m sure mom and dad will remember it well!  In any even, this sweet baby was unfazed.  Calm, content, and wide awake for most of her session.  I’m so happy that she’ll have these photos to look at some day, as a glimpse of the first days of her life and the house that was “home” to her when she was brand new.

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