December 10, 2014

Boldness | Words and Pictures 2014

Boldness WM-1

This quote is framed above my desk.  Right below a certain other quote by Abraham Lincoln.  Both quotes inspired my business.  Actually, the Lincoln quote inspired the idea of taking photos as a means to “keep” the moments that make up the “life in my years” for posterity, long before I imagined doing this for other people as a business.  A sort of “carpe diem” variation, just for me.  (Fun fact — if you were super tech-y and cared enough to look back at the history of this domain name, you’d see that I established it as a personal photo blog long before the birth of the LYYP business idea).

But anyway, I spotted the Goethe quote on a card in a souvenir shop during a time when I was quietly wondering to myself whether I had the guts to actually put myself out there — to turn this passion of mine into a business. That might fail.  That might embarrass me.

They didn’t teach you that in law school.

Thanks, Goethe.


(P.S. I love the pronunciation of “Goethe”, don’t you?)

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