November 14, 2014

Life as Art | Words and Pictures

Merry Adventure Resized

You may be wondering what prompts me to add to my “Words and Pictures”  project.

Well, the way it happens is, I usually get an idea for a quote that goes great with a picture (or sometimes it’s a picture that brings a quote to mind).  Then, I think about it and spend a fair amount of energy INTENDING to put the two together and post in the the project.  And THEN, another idea for a word/picture pairing comes up, at which point I think “Hmmm … I never did post that EARLIER idea I’ve been intending to post for a while now.”  And then I post the earlier idea and add the current idea to the “intending” queue.  All this takes much longer during busy season.  And that’s the way it happens.

Or maybe you weren’t wondering that at all.  In which case, never mind.

Thanks for looking!