November 18, 2014

Colorful | Westchester NY Family Photographer

This is one of the families that’s been with me since the very beginning.  This time we agreed to start the session at a local park, and when we arrived at a favorite spot of mine, complete with dungeons, castles and princess towers, big sister proclaimed that it was “better than Disneyworld!”  I like her attitude.  Needless to say, we had some fun.

Westchester NY Family Photographer_0029Westchester NY Family Photographer_0028
Westchester NY Family Photographer_0030 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0031 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0032 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0033 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0034 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0035 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0036You’ve probably already seen this photo on Facebook, which is similar to this one, but even heavier on the glee.  Westchester NY Family Photographer_0037 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0038

I may have had the brilliant idea of pretending that I was the royal real estate agent, and was taking the princess around to different castles to choose the one she wanted to buy.  Until I realized that the prince was not too cool with that idea.  We recovered quickly.  Westchester NY Family Photographer_0039 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0040This fun little prop, brought by mom,  has shown up in the family’s past photos as well.  I love a little continuity!Westchester NY Family Photographer_0041

And we finished at home, because that’s where the best ones always happen.

If you’re looking for a Westchester NY Family Photographer, … I can show you “Disneyworld” too!

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