August 4, 2014

Announcing TWO Kinds of Mini Sessions for Fall 2014!

Happy Monday, everyone!  On Friday, I sent out an LYYP newsletter announcing the date for my annual Holiday Mini Sessions AND rolled out a brand NEW kind of mini session.  There was quite a flurry of booking, but I’m happy to report that there ares still a couple of each kind of mini session left!  Without further ado, here’s the info.  If you’d like to book either kind of mini session, scroll down to the link below.

2014 Holiday Mini Sessions

Holiday Mini Flyer

You’re familiar with these if you hang around these LYYP parts much. This year, I’ll be offering the holiday mini sessions on Saturday, October 25th.   As always, once you’ve seen your mini gallery, you’ll have the option to purchase MORE digital files (or prints or wall hangings or any number of things from the LYYP Shop Window) if you like. Or you can download your included THREE digital files and be on your merry way to make your holiday card. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

NEW Local At Home Weekday Mini Sessions!

Local At Home

These, folks, are brand new and available on a very limited basis. They’re sort of a hybrid between the holiday minis, which take place at a time and date chosen by me, and the full lifestyle session, for which you call the shots and which have all the personality of your family and your home. There are NO decisions to be made about which digital files to choose — with this ALL INCLUSIVE package, they’re ALL yours. Once your gallery of 15-20 images is ready, you just click the button to download them and you’ll be on your way. (You can still order prints and products from theLYYP Shop Window if you like, of course).

As for the details, I gave these babies a big long name so that the details are all there to see right up front. There are only a few available and they’re only available in September, October and November. They’re only available in Southern Westchester and Greenwich, CT. They must take place Monday-Thursday. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The Fine Print

No matter how you slice it, both of these mini session options are a great value, and a GREAT way to take care of your holiday card photo, or just to update photos if you haven’t done a full lifestyle session for a while. While I’m on the subject, let’s talk quickly about what a mini session is NOT. Well, it’s not a full lifestyle session. It’s not for babies who can’t yet sit up, or for large or extended families. It’s not for super shy kids who need extra time to warm up. I’m proud of my track record for bringing even the shyest of three year olds around with my patience, games and magic tricks during a lifestyle session and getting the whole family relaxed and enjoying each other, but sometimes this takes time. You know your child, and if you think the he might require more time to hit his groove, you should consider a full lifestyle session instead of one of these minis. But if your child is comfortable in front of a camera or already knows me from a previous session, these might be just your speed.

SPEAKING of lifestyle sessions, I’ve still got a few openings for these left, as well (and really, these are the BEST ones — you can’t beat the full experience!) I’ve got ONE opening in September, ONE in October and TWO in November. Want one? Read on …

All you’ve got to do to book any of these sessions is go RIGHT HERE and give me a bit of info. I’ll get back to you shortly and I’ll tell you what’s available. But listen – I’m not kidding when I say that there are only a few of these and they will book up fast!  Once these slots are gone, they’re gone.

Just like summer is going be be, before we know it! Enjoy …