July 17, 2014

A Magical Land | Larchmont Family Photographer

In this backyard, there were fairies, and magic streams, and castles and spells and dancing bears and four leaf clovers.  That’s all true.  Or maybe only some of it’s true, and some of it came from these two kids’ impressive imaginations.  I can’t remember.

Larchmont Family Photographer_0001 Larchmont Family Photographer_0002 Larchmont Family Photographer_0003 Larchmont Family Photographer_0004 Larchmont Family Photographer_0005 Larchmont Family Photographer_0006 Larchmont Family Photographer_0007 Larchmont Family Photographer_0008 Larchmont Family Photographer_0009 Larchmont Family Photographer_0010 Larchmont Family Photographer_0011 Larchmont Family Photographer_0012 Larchmont Family Photographer_0013 Larchmont Family Photographer_0014 Larchmont Family Photographer_0015 Larchmont Family Photographer_0016Real or imaginary, we had a lot of fun.  One true mark of a successful session, I’d say, is when the kiddos are hanging on to my camera bag as I leave, asking when I’m coming by to play again.  (Soon, kids, I hope!)  Be sure to check out one of my favorites from this session HERE, and if you’re looking for a Larchmont Family Photographer, I hope you’ll drop me a line HERE (even if you don’t have a magical land in your backyard (that you know of)).

Oh, one more thing!  This family came to me through my connection with the BEST independent bookstore in Westchester, The Voracious Reader.  Makes sense, really — there’s no better fuel for imaginations like these than a big stack of good books, and mama’s got to keep her babies fed.  The next time you’re in there, keep your eye out for a special LYYP coupon that’ll make lifestyle photography lovers, book lovers, and ice cream lovers happy all at once!  (Little teaser there for you … 😉 )

Thanks for looking!

~ Jaye