May 8, 2014

A Moment in History | Family Lifestyle Photography

We had tried to schedule this session several times in the past, and something or other kept getting in the way.  It’s true that I had a pretty good suspicion from the start that we’d be a good fit.  But this suspicion was confirmed when we had finally booked a date and I received the family’s Client Info Form.  After explaining in colorful detail the likes, habits and personalities of each kid and of the family as a whole, mom said this:  “For me, this session is to capture a moment in our family’s history, to visualize the relationships among us, together and in small groups.”     I mean, RIGHT???   Is that what I’ve been proposing as THE definition of LYYP-style family lifestyle photography from the start, or what?   I may have been jumping up and down with happiness as I read that line.  And this was before I even met them.  Before I was introduced to each of the littlest guy’s trains, and told their individual names by his very talkative bigger brother (who, by the way, introduced himself as Yoda).  Before I viewed their art projects, and then became their art project when they decided that the pieces of yarn that had been part of a particular mixed media piece would look better stacked on my head.  Before I had a shootout (not kidding) with the big sister, whose colorful, polka-dotted bedroom pales in the shadow of her exuberant personality.  Before I witnessed the dancing, and jumping, and running, and playing, and snacking that I’m pretty sure make up most of this family’s days in this chapter of their life.
Westchester Family Photographer_0001Westchester Family Photographer_0025Westchester Family Photographer_0003 Westchester Family Photographer_0004 Westchester Family Photographer_0005 Westchester Family Photographer_0006 Westchester Family Photographer_0007 Westchester Family Photographer_0008 Westchester Family Photographer_0009 Westchester Family Photographer_0010 Westchester Family Photographer_0011 Westchester Family Photographer_0012Westchester Family Photographer_0026 Westchester Family Photographer_0013 Westchester Family Photographer_0014 Westchester Family Photographer_0016Westchester Family Photographer_0015 Westchester Family Photographer_0017 Westchester Family Photographer_0018 Westchester Family Photographer_0019 Westchester Family Photographer_0020 Westchester Family Photographer_0021 Westchester Family Photographer_0022 Westchester Family Photographer_0023 Westchester Family Photographer_0024

Yeah, we were a good fit.  And I think these photos do capture this moment in their history.  They have these now.  They get to keep them.

Want to hear something funny?  As much as I felt like I knew so much about this family before I showed up at their house for their session, I did NOT realize until afterwards that mom is the owner and head chef at Little Bird Cookie Co., locally well known for her delicious, delectable and uniquely-flavored cookies, made from scratch.   Mexican Hot Chocolate?   Coconut Chocolate Chip?  Orange Pistachio Shortbread?   Seriously?  She’ll be at the Pelham Street Fair on Saturday, June 7th and I, for one, am not going to miss it.  (Like her on Facebook if you want details on what she’ll be bringing … )

Oh, and one more thing — not to brag, but, rumor has it that I may have brought a tear to a particular Mel Brooks loving dad’s eye with THIS installment of my Words and Pictures project.  Score!

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