April 30, 2014

Family Dance | Westchester Family Photographer

In the interests of all those involved, I am NOT going to show you the (frankly spectacular) dance moves I witnessed during this fun westchester family session.  There was a rooster move, a weird head-over-heels move, and some breakdancing like I haven’t seen since back in the eighties.  Here are some of the other fun things we did.
Westchester Family_0001 Westchester Family_0002 Westchester Family_0003 Westchester Family_0004 Westchester Family_0005Westchester Family_0015Westchester Family_0007 Westchester Family_0008 Westchester Family_0009 Westchester Family_0010 Westchester Family_0011 Westchester Family_0012 Westchester Family_0013 Westchester Family_0014Thanks for looking!