December 31, 2013

Moments of the Month | November 2013

So, it’s not THAT weird that I’m blogging about November on New Year’s Eve, is it?  Well, whatever.  November has the same kind of feeling as New Year’s eve, when you think about — remembering what’s past, and what you’re grateful for.  Starting with THIS — my family.  And the little remote thingamajiggy that allowed me to get in a family picture for our Christmas card this year.  (See my left hand).


My “assistant” was a big help with getting the Christmas card picture of the kids — before a football game at West Point in early November.

November2013_002 November2013_003

Lots of monopoly in November, for some reason.


A trip to the NY Botanic Gardens to see the holiday train show (and to play with my new macro lens).

November2013_005 November2013_006 November2013_007 November2013_008 November2013_009

A visit to the fire house with the cub scouts.

November2013_010 November2013_011

AND — the best (and biggest) Thanksgiving EVER — complete with combined sides of the family and a bonus dose of Canadian cousins!

November2013_012 November2013_013 November2013_014 November2013_015 November2013_016 November2013_017 November2013_018 November2013_019

A delightful recuperation at the country house of some friends the weekend after Thanksgiving.

November2013_020 November2013_021 November2013_022

My Instagram snaps round out the November picture with a fun night with the professor in the city, Paul’s first piano lesson, an audition for the All County Orchestra, and some other everyday adventures.  The shot of the Thanksgiving night hootenanny is now framed in my front hall as a reminder of a great night.

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