July 19, 2013

Boogie Boarding! | July 2013

Funny thing about 100 degree weather.  You find yourself much more in the mood to play around with photos of summer fun than to go outside to HAVE summer fun.

I’m not complaining.  It doesn’t take a lot of BTU’s to cool down this tiny place, and while I’m generally not a fan of air conditioning, you will NOT hear me complaining about its availability this week.  We’ve been heading to the beach at around 4:00 when it’s a bit cooler outside, and enjoying being there at my favorite part of the day, when the sun’s on its way down.  The breeze has been awesome.

I took this series of shots a couple of weeks ago, before our Vermont trip, and I knew then that they’d be more fun together than individually.  So, I whipped out the fancy-shmancy animation skilz I learned back when I did  THIS POST.   Here’s the finished product for your Friday morning enjoyment!


If you’re wondering about LYYP happenings, you’d be smart to stay tuned.  The fall schedule is filling up fast.   I will be doing one day of holiday mini sessions this fall, and will be announcing the details to my newsletter subscribers first.  Wanna join that club?  One of those cute bouncy icons up top will get you on the list.

Keep cool, friends.  And thanks for looking!

~ Jaye