July 12, 2013

Arizona and The Grand Canyon | March 2013

I love summer mornings.  My family has become a “sleep late and then read or mope around quietly in the morning” group of late.  This means that mornings, for me — the early riser — are delightfully quiet.  I can either sneak out for some exercise or a walk on the beach, or creep over to my computer to catch up on all the photos and blogging I fell behind on during the crazy, crazy spring.  Like, hey, remember that trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon back in March??? 🙂

Montezuma’s Castle . . .
Grand Canyon 2013_001. . . where Paul became a Junior Ranger!Grand Canyon 2013_002For the first few days, we stayed outside Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon …Grand Canyon 2013_003 Grand Canyon 2013_004... climbing Cathedral Rock in Sedona… Grand Canyon 2013_005 Grand Canyon 2013_006... dinner in Flagstaff …Grand Canyon 2013_007 Grand Canyon 2013_008 Grand Canyon 2013_009... a Pink Jeep tour through the red rocks of Sedona!Grand Canyon 2013_010 Grand Canyon 2013_011 Grand Canyon 2013_012

Hanging around in Oak Creek Canyon.Grand Canyon 2013_013 Grand Canyon 2013_014 Grand Canyon 2013_015 Grand Canyon 2013_016 Grand Canyon 2013_017Planning the next leg of the journey…Grand Canyon 2013_018and the Grand Canyon!Grand Canyon 2013_019 Grand Canyon 2013_020 Grand Canyon 2013_021 Grand Canyon 2013_022 Grand Canyon 2013_023 Grand Canyon 2013_024 Grand Canyon 2013_025 Grand Canyon 2013_026 Grand Canyon 2013_027 Grand Canyon 2013_028 Grand Canyon 2013_029 Grand Canyon 2013_030 Grand Canyon 2013_031 Grand Canyon 2013_032 Grand Canyon 2013_033Paul was not too too terribly impressed with “El Tovar”… Grand Canyon 2013_034

Making candles in Prescott, Arizona.Grand Canyon 2013_035Then back to Phoenix for some warm weather fun before heading home.Grand Canyon 2013_036

(Truth be told, I’m not even in Breezy right now — we’ve snuck away for a week in the mountains of Springfield, Vermont.  At this rate, I’ll be telling you all about THAT some time in November!)

Thanks for looking!