December 10, 2012

Baby Love-fest | NY Baby and Family Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve often said that when little kids are involved, a lifestyle session with me is like a play date (totally true, and I love hearing from repeat clients how their kids look forward to my visits).  I’ve been thinking about that that characterization as it applies to baby session, though, and I’ve decided that baby sessions need a different analogy.  At a baby session, mom and dad spend pretty much the whole time snuggling, tickling and playing with their little ones.  Think about it from the perspective of the baby — now, even a first kid has lots of competition  for mom and dad’ attention.  Work, dishes, grocery shopping, making dinner, walking the dog, you name it.  At a lifestyle photography session, everyone’s focus is 100% on baby.  It’s an hour-plus long baby love-fest.  Who wouldn’t love that?