December 21, 2012

2012 Holiday Mini Sessions


One of my favorite things about December is bringing in the mail and looking at all the beautiful Christmas cards.  All of them, of course.  Not just the ones that have my photos on them.

(OK, those are definitely my favorite!)

(And yes, this is your final hint — if you’re a client and you haven’t sent me a card, it’s not too late!  I’m not a stickler for dates and will enjoy it just as much after December 25th as I would have this week.)

I’ve held out on sharing these so as not to steal the thunder of these awesome families.  I think all the cards are out now, arriving and bringing smiles in homes all around the world, so here they are … (be sure to check out the sneak peeks from the mini sessions here ).

Finally, a quick observation.  I noticed that lots of the cards that people made from my photos this year had a “merry” theme (whether they took advantage of  Nina Dunhill’s great design talents or one of the big online card companies).  Now, I realize it’s possible that “merry” is just the ‘in’ theme for 2012.  But I’d rather believe that it’s something that’s inspired by the photos themselves.  We do have lots of fun at my sessions —  the mini sessions and full lifestyle sessions alike — and I think it shows.  Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely feel more merry looking at them.  I’m going with that theory, anyway. 😉

Merry, merry Christmas!!!

~ Jaye