October 17, 2011

The Beach and The Bamboo Forest | Rockaway Baby and Family Photographer

Remember that warm, muggy weather we had toward the end of September?  Well, on one of those foggy days, I went down to the beach to meet a brand new baby girl and her family.  A (totally awesome) friend of mom’s had given her a custom photo gift certificate for her baby shower, and I was excited to meet the new little family.  Their house is only a few houses in from the ocean and baby was awake when I arrived, so we decided to stroll down to the beach right away — her first beach trip!

These parents are so in love with their little bundle.  I honestly felt sad for dad when I thought about how much he’d miss his little girl when he went back to work.

Anyway, I thought the beach photos, with the eerie, almost spooky light shining through the thick fog, were going to be the highlight of my visit.  I was totally wrong.  When we got back home and I wandered around their home, I discovered the coolest bamboo forest — in mom and dad’s bedroom!  Take a look.



This is a family who knows how to bring themselves into a space.  This is one lucky baby.