They say that home is where the heart is. That’s where my sessions take place, too. All the best smiles, the most relaxed interactions, the most authentic adventures take place at home. It’s where you’re most you, and where your kids are most them.  It’s where the large majority of your story happens, and it’s the best place to tell your story. There’s no issue of forgetting something or someone getting hangry or running out of things to do or play with or talk about.

Maybe you have your doubts.  Your home’s not finished yet, maybe.  Not decorated enough.  It’s covered in preschool art and you still haven’t replaced that old couch in the living room.  That’s even better.  Have you ever looked at old pictures of your house growing up and the first thing you notice is that 70’s wallpaper or that My Little Pony poster in the bedroom?  Those details are what make the picture cool, right? They zap you right back into that time.  Look at the image on the “old photos” button on this page.  Need I really say more?

Oh, and about decor.  Your home doesn’t have to look like it’s come straight from the pages of a decorating magazine.  If you happen to have spent the blood, sweat and tears to decorate your home to the nines, then sure — I’ll capture that for you.  But we don’t need for your house to look like that.  We just need room for you to be you.

Staying at home doesn’t mean we have to stay inside, either.  If you like, we can of course play in the backyard, or stroll to the neighborhood park or ride bikes or scooters around the block.

I rant all the time when blogging client sessions about how awesome it is to shoot in people’s homes (see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE, for example).  If you need further convincing, those rants might help.


Generally, your home needs to be in Westchester County, NYC or Southern Connecticut. I do book a limited number of travel sessions per year – drop me a line to inquire.


Weekend sessions are always on Saturday mornings.  Weekday sessions come with more flexibility — we’ll talk about what’s best for you and the factors that will effect timing.  Newborn sessions are always during the week.  If you’re planning a session that’s all (or mostly) indoors, we’ll time your session around the best light in your house and your family’s routines.   If you want an outdoor portion for your session, we will balance consideration of the light in your home against the best light outside.


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