Family ‘What to Wear’ Tips

The focus of a family session is on YOU, but wardrobe is part of the story.  What you wear should complement your family and not distract from the real. It should be authentic to you, and it should be comfortable.   Think about how you will feel having a tickle fight on the bed or chasing your little ones around the backyard or sitting in the grass for a family game while wearing the clothes you’re considering — are you comfortable?  That said, you’ll be looking at these photos for the rest of your life, so feel free to kick it up a notch if it makes you feel good.  Getting the general idea?

Personally, I’m really not into matchy-matchy.  The members of your family don’t match, so why should their outfits match?  You do want the outfits to coordinate — or at least not clash.

What to Wear_0002

At least a few days before your session, start laying outfits out on a bed and imagine how they’ll look together in photos.  (Feel free to send me a pic if you’d like input!)  Do you love color? Try starting with one super colorful item of clothing — say, mom’s favorite flowery dress or little guy’s plaid shirt — and then pull colors from that for everyone else’s outfit.  If neutrals are more your thing, try mixing various tones and/or a subtle pattern of the same color, and adding a “pop” of another color with an accessory or two.  Layers, textures and patterns add visual interest — think hats, scarves, jackets jewelry, and funky shoes — let your personality shine through!

Avoid waiting until the last minute to prepare.  White, black or lots of hot pink are not great options.  (Although white does work well at times as a dress for a little girl or mom).  Think comfort — fussy collars, dresses or shoes on babies aren’t comfortable.  We want everyone to be comfortable and relaxed.  There are more examples HERE.